X Factor judge and N-Dubz singer Tulisa Contostavlos was left shocked after a male fan sent her a flavoured ice lolly moulded on his own xxx factor. Tulisa told the Daily Star

The weirdest thing I’ve ever been sent was an ice-lolly shaped like a penis.

I love my fans but this was so weird. It crossed the line because it was so strange. It scared the shite out of me.

A close friend of Tulisa added;

Tulisa has been sent loads of fan mail over the years but this one really shook her up… She just got rid of it – she certainly didn’t lick it… But the thought of a fan taking the time moulding a lolly round his privates, freezing it and packing it in ice is really creepy

We don’t know what this ballsy fan had in mind but it looked like Tulisa didn’t see the funny side of this fan-dangled gift. We don’t blame her for finding the whole thing a little off colour.

What do you think, did this fan go below the belt?