Seems like it’s not only the media and her former N-Dubz bandmates that Tulisa has to worry about as stories emerge of the 22-year-old singer being attacked by X Factor hopefuls.

Tulisa Contostavlos lashed out at an audience member after they told her to ‘Shut up’ when she was critiquing girl band hopefuls One step Beyond. Now Tulisa being the ‘Female Boss’ that she is obviously wasn’t going to take this one sitting down and replied to the audience member

No, you shut up…You don’t talk to people like that. It’s unnecessary.

Fellow judge Kelly Rowland had to calm her down as Tulisa snapped back angrily. It also emerged that an angry contestant, George Gerasimou spat at Tulisa, calling her a scumbag and got in her face only backing down when security held him back.

Tulisa has received a lot of negative press regarding her role as a judge and there are a lot of people who aren’t afriad to tell her and show her they do not like her.

Do you think Tulisa might need to invest in some bodyguards?