Wiley, In a recent interview with Dazed and Confused, explained why and how he is far from crazy and where these rumours might stem from.

The east London rapper has always been one of those people you shouldn’t try to understand but since joining Twitter talk of his mental state has been rife with people calling him crazy, telling him he needs therapy, and  that he is bipolar. Speaking about these statements the 32-year-old rapper said

People say I’m bipolar. What is ‘a bipolar’? I’ve grown up around loads of people who are like me really in terms of their mood swings.

Wiley has also been accused of taking class A drugs because of his bizarre YouTube adverts about jam and eggs, but he argued back saying

Maybe it’s the weed – and  I don’t mean weed psychosis – weed doesn’t make me mad it makes me record and chill. I think what they’re trying to do is explain my stretch from 18-32 and not succeeding. Sometimes I just feel like my time’s been and gone, you know

Well whatever is wrong with Wiley we’re still dazed and confused by some of his behaviour. Will we ever understand him?