Ashley Cole is reportedly paying a minder £1,000 a day to stop over-zealous women from throwing themselves at him and to keep him from having sex with anything that walks.

The Chelsea footballers female addiction is so bad he has hired an SAS guard to protect him from himself. His decision to waste spend £,1000 a day getting help is all part of his plan to win Cheryl Cole back and save his tarnished image.

A friend of Cole claimed

One of the main reasons he has a new minder is because he knows he needs protection from predatory girls – and to be saved from himself. He knows that if he’s let loose on fans on his own he might repeat his same old mistakes. And he doesn’t want to be exposed in kiss-and-tells that will mess things up for good with Cheryl. He thinks it’s a good investment if it keeps him on the straight and narrow.

We can’t help but feel sorry for the 30-year-old star, he clearly has a problem as he has hired minders before while in LA, but it obviously didn’t work as numerous females claimed they had slept with Cole.

What we want to know is how this minder will keep the ladies away? Pepper spray, a rottweiler maybe?

Is this the best thing Ashley Cole has ever spent his money on, or will the love rat never stop cheating?

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