Ashley Cole is desperately trying to get back into our good books and amend his sins.

The 30-year-old feels it’s about time his past is put behind him and wants people to forget about his cheating ways and the public humiliation he caused for poor old Cheryl. Speaking about the situation he said

Judge me on how I play football or judge me on when you meet me…Come and speak to me. If I’m an arsehole, then fair enough – say it. I can’t win sometimes. I just play my football and if I can help people then I help people.

Using the links he has made with rap legend Jay Z, Cole plans to improve his image by giving back to the community. Cole and Jay Z plan to open a restaurant in London that will create jobs for dozens of local kids.

When you’ve got certain people like Jay Z wanting to work with me then it makes you think people do love me

It’s going to take more than working with one of the most powerful men in music and heading a charity to get back in our good books!

Keep it in your pants next time Ashley and maybe if Cheryl can forgive you AGAIN so can we.