Britain’s Next Top Model wannabe, Jess Abide has revealed that she had breast reduction surgery in order to make it as a catwalk star.

Jessica Abide knew she would never make it big with her gigantic 32EE bust, so the 23-year-old had them reduced to 36D before dieting down to her present 34C bust.

Most girls would die to have a chest like hers, but Jessica knew she would never be able to pursue her modelling career with Jordan-esque breasts and being a Page 3 girl was clearly not an option for the leggy beauty.

Jessica told TV Biz

I had this massive chest from aged about 11, and I was really tall and still growing. I got teased a lot at school, although I don’t think people realised it was hurtful. I had surgery to reduce them at 18 and since then I’ve gone from a dress-size 14 to a ten. I still suffer from back pain a bit, but it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I don’t think I’ve reached my optimum goal weight yet. A few people have said I could do with losing a few pounds, and that hurts.

Well we think your body is amazing. So amazing, in fact, we are considering sticking your picture up on our wall.

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Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model airs tonight, Monday 8 August at 9pm on Sky Living.