A British photographer has decided against using white models for his future photo shoots claiming racism in the fashion industry is wrong.

48-year-old James Lyon said he was sorry for using white models and has vowed to use mainly black models for a new campaign.

I am sorry for using only white models in the past and I want to make up for it. Over the next few weeks, I am going to photograph as many models of colour as possible to not only prove my point, but to get the media world sitting up and taking notice.

James Lyon

The Oxford based photographer is also backing a campaign launched by Models of Diversity, an agency focused on changing racist views in fashion and campaigning for the use of more diverse models in the fashion industry. Lyon said he was prepared to fight to see more models of colour used.

I am white, middle-class, went to a mixed multi-racial school in London back in the 1970s, yet still something is wrong. Are they – and by ‘they’ I am referring to models of colour – harder to work with? I don’t think so.

The campaign follows several complaints of racism within the fashion industry, most notably by supermodel Naomi Campbell (who pretty much complains about everything).

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