Mic Righteous, Cher Lloyd, Dot Rotten, Ghetts

We don’t know about you, but our mouths dropped open when we heard Cher Lloyd and Ghetts would be making music together.

The 18-year-old former X Factor singer was on set with Ghetts and Dot Rotten on Monday, looking cute in her little Buffy The Vampire Slayer top, but will singing with a pop star damage or do good for Ghetts’ music career?

A music industry source said

Ghetts is known as one of Britain’s most hardcore MCs. His lyrics focus on violence and criminality so it’s a real surprise Cowell’s label would want to be associated. Cher is a big fan of Ghetts and personally wanted him on the track. It was her decision. It’s also surprising Ghetts agreed to it. His street cred will plummet.

Well if Cher Lloyd can score a number one with Swagger Jagger, Ghetts might just be on his way to getting some chart success with Dub On The Track.

The song will be out in November, will you be buying it?