Cher Lloyd got a big telling off from her record label Syco when she trashed a hotel room.

Now in my days trashing a hotel room meant burning tables, leaving wine bottles everywhere, naked girls in the bathtub and vomit smeared all over the walls and windows. But all our favourite X factor reject did was leave a few cigarette buts lying around. OK so there was ash everywhere and a few cig burns but it’s hardly something to riot about is it!

The 18-year-old star has been celebrating the success of her debut solo single Swagger Jagger and was staying at a five-star hotel. A soure said

The room looked a right state. There were fag butts and ash everywhere. It didn’t look pretty at all.She got a serious dressing-down from bosses for her behaviour after management and her label had to patch things up with the hotel.

Ah let a girl live a little, we don’t want her turning into Leona Lewis now do we?

Do you think Cher deserved a number 1 for Swagger Jagger?