Cheryl Cole has allegedly moved back in with her ex Ashley as they continue to work on their broken relationship. According to the Daily Star she was seen moving her things into the couple’s marital home in Surrey over the weekend.

In the past week Ashley Cole has stated that he wants to be treated fairly and be forgiven for his doggish ways. It seems his desperate pleas and his hiring of a minder to stop him from cheating has impressed clueless poor Cheryl.

The two spent the weekend together catching up and just hanging out like they would have done before. A mutual friend claimed the two got along like nothing ever happened, as they played pool and smoked together in the couples £4million, former, marital home in Surrey.

We’re not sure how long the Cole’s relationship will last this time, but if Ashley has as much game in the bedroom as he does on the pitch then we reckon he’s well in there.

Does this mean we have to forgive him too?

What do you think? Has Cheryl Cole made yet another mistake?