Dane Bowers announced that he would be relaunching his music career after going M.I.A for what seemed like forever!

The former member of boy band Another Level was spotted at last weeks V Festival in Staffodshire and spoke of his plans.

I’m in the studio. I’ve been writing for lots of different people anyway. I’ve got two dance songs coming out. One’s on the Ministry of Sound album now I think and the other one is coming out in the next couple of weeks. I haven’t really done anything myself in a while. I’ve put stuff out under different names and now I’m a bit bored and I want to get back in to it in the next couple of months. But I’m into so many different things. I’m doing the dubstep thing, the dance thing and R&B so I haven’t decided yet.

If we remember the last time Bowers was in the charts, his duet with Victoria Beckham, Out Of Your Mind was one song we couldn’t wait to get out of our minds.

Will Bower’s new music be any better, or should he give up trying to get back into the spotlight?