It seems that new girl Emeli Sande is becoming more and more known for her songwriting skills rather then her music at the moment. The 23-year-old Scottish singer, who took a year out of medical school to become a star and featured on Wiley’s Never Be Your Woman and Chipmunk’s Diamond Rings, has apparently become Mr Money Bags, Simon Cowell’s favourite songwriter.

She told the Daily Record what it was like to work with Leona Lewis, Susan Boyle and Cher Swagger Jagger Lloyd.

I have just finished a song with Cher Lloyd, called Lifetime, for her new album.I have another on Leona Lewis’s next album and one that has been recorded by Susan Boyle.
That’s probably my proudest moment. Susan recorded my song, called This Will Be The Year, last week, for her next album…. I haven’t met her yet. I just sent her the song. I’d love to meet her because I think she is a bit of a rock star. Leona had heard a couple of songs so we had a week in the studio with her…..Leona and I got along really well. Then we had another week together. It was very natural. She recorded a song called Trouble and another called Mountains, so I look forward to hearing them on her album.

So does this mean that the Heaven singer has saved us from being tortured with another Swagger Jagger or Bleeding Love hook line….We can only pray.