Fazer has revealed that he would love to be in a comedy show like the Inbetweeners, even stating that he would get naked for it! Speaking about a screen career the N-Dubz rapper said

I’d love to be in something like the Inbetweeners. It’s a great show and looks really fun to make… I’d go naked I wouldn’t care. I’d happily get my bum out… I’m not afraid of my body… I’m the skinniest fat guy I’ve ever known

Well if a naked Fazer looks anything like Dappy then we would sign a petition to see him get his kit off. And with rumours of Tulisa’s sex tape surfacing, Fazer better do it quickly before the X Factor judge steals his thunder.

Fazer also revealed that he has already been approached to star as the lead in two British films.

I’m not sure I’m ready to take on a big role yet, I’d like to start off with something small.

Well, we’ll be waiting patiently for that film. Would you like to see Fazer star in a comedy? Share your thoughts