X Factor hopeful Gamu is still facing the threat of deportation, but has tried to help her self deal with the stress by writing songs.

After becoming hot press from her X Factor audition last year everyone thought Gamu was destined to do big things until claims she was an illegal immigrant overshadowed her talent.

A year has passed and a new series of X Factor has us sitting round the TV on a Saturday night waiting for a couple of joke acts to keep us laughing. But it’s not all smiles and chuckles for Gamu and her family who are still waiting to see if they will have to return to their homeland Zimbabwe.

But if there’s one way to get over your deportation, it’s writing songs right? The 19-year-old has been writing songs and keeping them in a little box to read whenever she’s down to try and raise her cheers and remind her of how far she’s come.

How sweet, well we hope she stays, we love us a bit of Gamu!