Well you can’t be a successful rapper without a few tattoos can you? And to prove it Gracious K got a back tattoo of what looks like two angels.

The Migraine Skank rapper, who says he wants to be like The Rock or Terry Crews, tweeted the pic yesterday calling it ‘the beginning’ which means there are definitely more to come. Gracious K already has two sleeve tattoos, another on his chest, his shoulder, ribs and neck and he’s already talking about getting a leg sleeve!

However we’re not sure a gym addiction and a tattoo addiction go hand in hand, crazy weight or muscle gain can leave you looking less 50 Cent and more circus freak. It’s true, we’ve done our research!

Working out is all that seems to be on K’s mind, tweeting about the gym almost 24/7. You only have to look at the picture above to see that the east London rapper is pretty much living in the gym.

Now there’s a man who loves his back! Is Gracious K’s gym and tattoo addiction going too far?

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