The 70’s are back with the latest shoe trend to take the high street by storm, the wedge. These chunky shoes might look at bit daunting on the shelf but they add glamour to any outfit.

Wedges look great with skinny jeans, summer dresses and on a night out, go perfectly with this season’s selection of bodycon dresses. And the best thing about them? They are a lot easier to walk in (Hooray!)

There are some great wedges for work on the market, which usually have a comfortable small heel and closed toe. Wedges make a great change from usual boring, and sometimes frumpy office shoes.

For a traditional look, choose a girly pair of wedges with natural plaited raffia on the heel, and a bright colour on the shoe. For a more modern look, choose colours that say wow with intricate straps.

Dress to Impress:

Wedges make a huge statement on their own, so think about toning down the rest of the outfit. Make sure they are not ill fitting and that you can actually walk in them.

Hot Mess:

Try not to have too many other statement pieces in an outfit with your wedges, and don’t play up the 70’s theme too much with other bright colours and miniskirts, it’s not fancy dress.