A Jamaican born lesbian is terrified to go back home as she fears she will be shunned, prosecuted or even killed if she returns.

Neisha Hemmings came to Britain when she was 16 and has been contemplating suicide ever since she was told she may be deported. She said

I’m doing everything in my power to avoid being sent back to Jamaica because I have nothing and no one out there. I have been a lesbian since I was 18. I hid my sexuality for a long time but I am no longer going to cover up anymore. I understand Jamaica has a reputation of being a homophobic country and I must be true to myself.

The 30-year-old was sent to the UK by her mother, who was dying of cancer. She was put in the care of her stepfather, who she claims abused her and took away her passport. Hemmings has spent the past four weeks detained at Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre and claims her relatives and friends in the village where she was born are saying negative things.

The number of people fleeing Jamaica because of homophobia continues to rise as more and more people fear for their safety, Hemmings added

I haven’t been to Jamaica in 14 years and returning as a lesbian could jeopardise everything for me. My family in the UK are very supportive and accept me for who I am, the thought of being deported has caused me to suffer from depression. I’d rather take my own life than return.

Should Neisha Hemmings be allowed to stay in the country?

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