Ex Sugababe Keisha Bunchanan has made it clear that her solo material on her upcoming debut album won’t focus on the rocky split between her and the rest of the Sugababes.  She told the Metro that the album was all about positive vibes,

I didn’t want to do anything negative but, at the same time, I wanted to be honest and I have been in situations where I have been betrayed in some sense. You can’t cry over spilt milk. It’s about what you do in that situation. It’s about overcoming it…. I don’t hold things against people. I don’t like holding on to negative stuff. You can’t stay in that place.

As well as keeping a tight bond with original band mates Mutya and Siobhan, Keisha also revealed that she had kissed and made up with the current line up of Heidi, Jade and Amelle.

I saw them a few weeks ago and wished them the best of luck. I never want it to be awkward. I feel I’ve forgiven them and that’s it.

Do you think its all finally sweet between the girls or do you still taste sour grapes?