With Lady Leshurr’s new EP now out on ITunes, lets just say that she kind of went a bit mad on Twitter by tweeting and re-tweeting anything and everything to do with her new EP, much to the annoyance of 1xtra DJ MistaJam.

MistaJam tweeted the Birmingham based rapper to tell her that she was on her way to win ‘Spammer of The Year’ and how annoying he found it.

Hint Hint *nudges Lady Leshurr*

MistaJam tweeted back


Well MistaJam what have you got to say about that?

And the lecture begins….

Lady Leshurr finally got a word in



Maybe someone should say sorry and all will be forgiven

Or maybe not!

Do you think LadyLeshurr went a bit OTT promoting her EP, or was she just doing what all upcoming artists do?

Let us know your thoughts. Oh and make sure you buy the highly anticipated EP – Off the Lesh on iTunes,  http://bit.ly/nPc6sK – it apparently costs less then a chicken meal.