Bleeding Love singer Leona Lewis revealed that despite living in La La land and being surrounded by image-conscious celebs she has managed to stay grounded and still shops in the market.

Hmmm I’ve never seen Leona in anything that looks less than £50. Speaking about her mother, who she says keeps her grounded, the 26-year-old star said

My mom Maria has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and do whatever I want to do… We still do normal things and go shopping in Hackney, down at Broadway Market. They keep me very grounded. Now I’m finally in a position where I can buy my mom and dad a new house. I’ve always wanted to do that for my mom so I can say thank you and give her something back. I like to spoil her now and then.

What a sweetheart! But Leona honey, it’s mum not mom. Anyway, wouldn’t it be grand to have Leona as a daughter. She doesn’t drink or do drugs, doesn’t date bad boys, is generous to family and we’re sure they don’t find her as boring as the rest of the world do.

Would you still shop in the market if you were a celeb?

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