The violent riots which erupted in Tottenham last night has sent shock-waves through London. But what has been even more shocking to some is the amount of looting that took place in Tottenham’s nearby town of Wood Green.

Shameless looting in a Tottenham retail park saw shocking scenes as JD Sports was broken into, as was a Comet store with many TV’s, and other electrical goods being stolen. Bank windows were smashed in and even beauty shops allegedly suffered as people ran in to steal hair and other beauty products.

The looting and violence spread from Tottenham further west to Wood Green with around 100 people running around the High Street targeting game shops, electrical stores and popular outlets such as H&M. But despite all the chaos the police where nowhere to be seen even after dozens of stores had been smashed and raided, setting off multiple alarms.

A HMV store after looting

The looters, mostly young men with masks on, swarmed into stores emerging with handfuls of stolen goods. “I’ve got loads of G-Star,” said one teenager, running out of a clothes shop whilst others came out with shopping bags filled with goods.

Three teenagers were spotted running down the street with suitcases stuffed with stolen clothes, many others congregated outside a smouldering  Carphone Warehouse, the windows of which had been smashed.

A passerby said

I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was like some horrible nightmare, people were going shopping, if you put your hands over your ears to block out the sounds of alarms and imagined the running people walking it was like people were just shopping, but getting a lot of stuff, expensive stuff. My friend told me in Tottenham retail park it looked like families, young and older people, were looting like it was the end of the world

But it wasn’t only on high streets where residents were witness to shocking scenes. Front gardens of houses were used as swap shops with people sorting and exchanging stolen goods.

A teenage boy, drove a stolen minicab down a side-street and many people emerged from their homes to find their cars had been destroyed by fire or smashed.

Wood Green quickly became a no-go area with local buses refusing to take passengers through its high street and traffic in the area was brought to a standstill.

Scotland Yard are steal dealing with isolated incidents of crime in the area and reports so far are saying 26 police officers have been injured and 42 people arrested.

Was this looting necessary?

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