Manchester City star Mario Balotelli admitted that he doesn’t like Manchester and that he misses his home country Italy.

The football star who has had his fair number of run-in’s with the law wants to go back home and play for football giants AC Milan.

I am not feeling well in Manchester. I am happy with the coach and with my team-mates, however, I do not like the city of Manchester. I don’t miss Milan, I miss Brescia, my home. I miss my family and my friends but I think this experience in England will help me grow as an individual

After moving from Milan to the UK, Balotelli has found himself in more trouble than a naughty school boy. From Twitter rants to bust up’s with club bouncers and football players such as Rio Ferdinand, we’re not surprised he wants to get away from it all.

Balotelli does seem to be a bit of a Robin Hood figure though. The generous 20-year-old gave £1,000 in cash to a tramp after winning £25,000 at a casino in Manchester, sources even claim Mario gives £20 notes to guys selling the big issue without a second thought. He even drove a boy he found loitering to school, who told him he was being bullied and made sure the bully wouldn’t attack again!

Is Mario trying to make up for his bad boy attitude, or is he just a misunderstood young man trying to find his way back home?

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