Yet another model has been arrested for looting during the London riots. This time it was 23-year-old Mohima Khanom who looted a Carphone Warehouse store stealing £9,400 worth of goods.

Khanom wept as she was sentenced to 16 months in jail for her involment in the looting of a Carphone Warhouse store in Woolwich, South London, on August 8.

The aspiring model and singer will have to put her goals on hold now as she faces what she described will be a ‘terrifying’ time in jail. On her singerspro profile, Khanom wrote

I only have a few more steps to achieve my goal in life. I am extremely open minded and believe that anything is possible in life

Well not any more love! Khanom also worked with autistic children but her good deeds did not help one bit as Judge Roger Chapple said

Despite your good side, the naked greed is almost breathtaking

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