22 year old model Shonola Smith broke down in tears as she was sentenced to 6 months in jail on Friday after she was was caught looting an Argos store in Croydon during the London riots last Monday night.

The aspiring Nigerian model was arrested along with her sister Alicia and friend Donness Bissessar. If this was shocking enough, when Alicia was arrested at the scene she was caught with 10 packets of chewing gum which she had stolen from a local corner shop… Yes CHEWING GUM!

The trio who pleaded guilty to entering the store with intent to steal, are part of the 3,000 looters who are reportedly going to be charged in connection with the looting and violence in London alone.

District Judge Robert Hunter gave this statement when he sentenced the trio,

The tragedy is that you are all of previous good character, each of you well educated… You have jobs. You have got plans for future education. You have shown remorse and you have all pleaded guilty

So this is what happens when good girls turn bad. Do you think the sentence was unfair or does it act as a good deterrent?