A couple’s sham marriage got rumbled by their suspicious Reverend in Gloucester, after he noticed there was something dodgy about these two particular love birds. 25-year-old student Carina Merselina was offered £3000 to marry 31-year-old illegal immigrant Mojeed Bello so he could remain in the UK but the police soon caught onto their antics.

The two bright sparks allowed Reverend Simpson to visit them in their marital home. But the confused Rev found that it was less of a love nest, more student accommodation and informed the police when he also observed the couple’s distinct lack of closeness.

But wait – it gets worse. Nigerian father of two Mojeed Bello told police he met supposed wife Carina at The Notting Hill Carnival, but according to Carina she was recruited by him at a festival in Holland.

It’s claimed that Mojeed described his blushing bride to investigators as

 Big, black and liked smoking and chicken burgers

Wow. How specific (excuse the sarcasm). Well the honeymooners will be spending their precious time behind bars. Merselina got sentenced for a year, Bello for 14 months and Merselina’s sister for 300 days.