Ms. Dynamite is back on the music scene, bringing back all the edginess she had when she first came out in 2001. In an interview with The Voice, the It Takes More rapper said that girls do not need to get naked to sell records.

The 30-year-old has prided herself on staying true to her image, and not going down the sex sells route in order to boost popularity.

The British female MCs today are just being who they are. Some of them will perform in a tracksuit and not care about looking sexy. If I had a pound for every time a girl has come up to me and said that the fact I wore tracksuits gave them the power to be themselves, I could feed everyone. It’s very empowering for me to see women being true to themselves… It’s not my place to judge other women, but I would like the young girls out there to know that you don’t have to be half naked to get attention. Any attention I want, I will get fully clothed!

We had a look at some stars in trackies and as our pictures show not everyone can pull it off. Celebs like Tulisa and Cheryl Cole, who both started their careers as tracksuit wearing chavs, swapped their shell-suits for bodycon dresses and have shot to fame, both at home and abroad.

Looks like the sex sells route is working best for some stars, what do you think?