After going AWOL for almost half a decade, Ms. Dynamite is back to making great music. But the 30-year-old revealed that over the years she has learned that it’s good to show a sense of vulnerability instead of maintaining a tough front.

The It Takes More rapper told BBC Newsbeat that being a mother has made her more open to writing emotional and softer songs.

Talking about her new song Neva Soft’, Ms. Dynamite said

If I made a tune five years ago called ‘Neva Soft’ it’d have been all hard. But I’ve [learned] that being Neva Soft is about being able to stand up and say ‘yeah sometimes I’m vulnerable, sometimes I feel like crying.

She also added that now she’s back on the scene, her eight-year-old son is enjoying meeting all the stars

now all of a sudden I’m a cool mum, not because I did a great show and not because he got to stand on the stage with all these screaming girls but because he got to play football with Tinie Tempah. That’s all he cares about, because he got to play football with Tinie and Labrinth.

Ms Dynamite releases ‘Neva Soft’ on September 4. Her new album follows next year.