Notting Hill Carnival 2011 is over! It was a great success and we look forward to next years event, but let’s have a closer look at what people were wearing this year:

This year there were 3 distinct styles:

Carnival Pro-Performer:

The traditional carnival style! Feathers, sequins and headdresses. Think Brazil, think the Caribbean. The traditional carnival style is all about making a statement in the brightest colours possible.

The Festival/Carnival goer:

Many people this year took inspiration from outfits worn at festivals like Bencassim, V festival and Glastonbury, without the wellies! This style incorporated summer sandals, hippie headbands and shorts, perfect for a stroll in a field, but maybe not so compatible with trawling through the inner city streets.

The London Carnival Guest:

Londoners have created their own carnival style over the years, which was represented in full this year. This style is based on the traditional carnival outfit but has been adapted to suit our colder climate. Outfits are usually a very small pair of shorts or leggings, with colours representing the colour/colours of the country one is from.

So which style did you rock this year?