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Ortis Deley has been replaced after his awful performance as a presenter for Channel 4’s coverage of the World Athletic Championships.

The 38-year-old, who also worked for Channel 5’s The Gadget Show, made a number of blunders whilst presenting the show, even having to read from a script as he forgot his lines!

Oh the shame. Deley has been replaced by the ‘IShouldHaveBeenAModel’ presenter Rick Edwards and his role as a presenter for the event has been scaled down.

Rick Edwards

We thought we’d add some of his mistakes before the video we’ve added gets taken down by Ch4 again!

commentators are Rob Walling, Rob Rawling, and  [smiling] I keep getting these names wrong, I do apologise, [pause] Rob Walker and John Rawling

and we talk to the hottest athlete of the moment , the honourable Leo [pause] Usain [pause] Bolt. It’s Leo, St Leo, Usain Bolt. We’ll be talking to him.’

Could this possibly be the most embarrassing moment of Deley’s carer?