Colour blocking is the perfect trend to brighten up your day! This look is a maximum impact, so no wonder it’s one of the most attention grabbing trends on the market.

Colour blocking at work makes a nice change to those dull office essentials, why not throw some hot pink, tangerine, lemon yellow or jungle green in among your bland suits?

This trend also works when you want to stand out on a night out. Instead of picking up the same old tired LBD, try something new, and see whose eye you can catch!

This trend is not for the shy and retiring type, be bold! Start with teaming together a few basic colours for example a cobalt blue pencil skirt with a rich purple silk shirt. When you’re feeling more confident branch out towards teaming oranges with purples, and when you’re feeling really confident go out and throw bright yellows and hot pinks into the mix.

Dress to Impress:

This trend is a tricky one even for the most savvy fashionistas so start small. If you’re feeling nervous, start with a colourful accessory or bright nail varnish, then add a bright item to your normal look e.g. a bright  blue blouse with cream chinos, and go from there!

Hot Mess:

This trend is not about looking like you got dressed in the dark. Before you leave the house look in the mirror and ask yourself whether you would laugh if you saw yourself walking down the street. If the answer is yes, take off at least two brightly coloured items!

With designers such as Prada, Christopher Kane and Louis Vuitton all pushing this trend, why not join them?