I know a lot of people who are terrified at the prospect of wearing a jumpsuit. It’s confusing, it’s scary and it’s hard to pee! Yes, yes I know. But with a style to suit everyone – tribal, casual, fitted or printed, anyone can jump into a jumpsuit!

The jumpsuit is nothing new, these all-in-one wonders have been around for centuries, and have been popular in many era’s most notably in the 70’s.

The jumpsuit is the perfect item to take you from the office to the club as it’s so easy to dress up or dress down by changing hair, shoes and jewellery

Dress to Impress:

Team your jumpsuit with heels, a belt and a statement necklace depending on how dressy your jumpsuit is

Hot Mess:

Make sure it’s not too tight or small! Camel toes and ankle swingers are not a good look!

Generally jumpsuits with long trousers work better with heels as it creates the impression of an elongated leg, but playsuits (jumpsuits with shorts) work fine with flats.

And there you have it! Go jump into a jumpsuit today!