Remember The Little Mermaid? Well she’s back in fashion! Well, kind of. The newest hair trend to hit the red carpet is the fishtail plait, which sounds more complicated than it really is.

The fishtail plait has been dubbed the hottest hairstyle of the summer, and has been seen on celebs such a Leona Lewis, Fearne Cotton and most notably X factor Judge Tulisa, and it’s a great way to control any end-of-summer frizz.

If your hair is very straight and limp then use some mousse to add volume before you start. Take the hair to one side and split the hair into two sections. Using your index fingers, take strands from the outside of each section and pass it inwards, continue to plait the hair inwards while keeping hold of both sections, one in each hand.

The plait will take a while to form, but you will be able to see a unique fishtail pattern in the hair. When you reach the end of the hair secure the end with a clear hairband, the key to this style is to make it look effortless so tease out the plait once it’s done to make it as messy as you like.

Dress to Impress:

This chic plait is perfect for the red carpet and looks great with a really stylish outfit.

Hot Mess:

Whilst the look is supposed to be messy, it’s not supposed to look like you’ve just rolled out of bed. So join the mermaid wave and get plaiting.