The riots in Tottenham reached new heights yesterday as more areas of London were targeted. Now the alleged incident of police brutality against a teenage girl that sparked the riots, is being challenged.

What started as a peaceful protest in Tottenham where hundreds of protesters demanded justice for the shooting of Mark Duggan, apparently turned ugly when a 16-year-old girl was baton-whipped by the police.

An eye witness told the BBC  in a phone-call that was uploaded to YouTube, that a 16-year-old was brutally attacked just for asking questions.

What actually ignited everything was a young female had approached the police standing line and she was set upon by the police… the police line had actually charged towards her and started hitting her with the batons… she just approached the police saying that the community demanded answers… and they just set up on her.

However reports are now saying that the teenager may have thrown a rock at police. A man who was at the scene told the Guardian

I saw the girl throw some card and something else, maybe a stone, at the original riot police line… she was pounded by 15 riot shields…  then police launched into her with startling force using both batons and shields. She went down on the floor but once she managed to get up she was hit again before being half-dragged away by her friend.After she was removed there were a few minutes of peace and then lots of glass bottles started being thrown, we could hear them.

A video of what some are saying is the attack of the girl was also uploaded to YouTube. The attack looks horribly reminiscent of the Rodney King attacks which sparked the Los Angeles riots of 1992.

With these conflicting reports many are still unsure as to what actually happened between the police and the girl on Saturday evening.