RiotWombles gather in Clapham Junction

Citizens all over London have united to clean up the mess caused by thoughtless rioters. Calling themselves RiotWombles, shocked Londoners took to Twitter to plan massive clean ups of the areas worst affected by the riots.

Many celebrities got behind the growing online movement, as users shared information on the worst affected areas and posted pictures of volunteer clean up teams. Even M&S and Starbucks chipped in by handing out food and coffee to the brave citizens who came together making plans to repair the damage.

Volunteers in Clapham Junction

But experts say that the riots which broke out across London and other cities have caused ‘tens of millions of pounds’ of damage, the Association of British Insurers said the total cost could run into the tens of millions. Many people lost family businesses and houses were destroyed, but the RiotWombles are determined to do their part to help those affected by last night’s violence.

A website called set up to organise massive clean-ups, said

 This is not about the riots. This is about the clean up – Londoners who care, coming together to engender a sense of community.

The site offered advice to people keen to get out to repair their communities, including locations where clean ups were taking place and a list of equipment people taking part should bring with them.

Volunteers clean up in Hackney

Residents all over London who are determined not to not surrender the streets to criminals left their houses with brooms, dustpans and buckets willing to do their best.

Those using Twitter to co-ordinate clean-up efforts are calling themselves the ‘Riot Wombles’ and are now using the hashtag #riotwombles to arrange meeting times and places.

For more information check out  and lets all chip in to take back out streets.