We’re sure we’re not the only ones who raised an eyebrow when Music News reported that Lady Gaga would be duetting with Cher Lloyd. So we looked out of our windows and just as we thought there were no flying pigs.

In an exclusive interview with Music Week, RedOne who has worked with both Cher Lloyd and Lady Gaga, said the two performers would appear together on one of the album’s tracks.

It’s a track that GaGa and I wrote together a while ago and when Cher heard it she just loved it. I am in the studio putting the finishing touches to it just now and I’m really excited about it…It’s going to be a big one I think – two icons working together.

After probably a thousand phone calls and emails the website stated that there had been a transcript error and it was revealed Lady Gaga would be recording a song with American artist Cher.

Poor Cher Lloyd she probably thought she was on her way to break America.