A scientific researcher has been charged with trafficking a 21-year-old girl from Africa and using her as a slave.

47-year-old Rebecca Balira allegedly forced Methodia Mathias to cook, clean and wash for her while using her as a nanny to her three kids.

Tanzanian born Mathias had been promised a £96 monthly salary but was never paid. She was beaten by Balira when she displeased her and was also made to share a bed with Balira’s 12-year-old son. Balira took Mathais’ passport away and, in what sounds like a crazy act of feminism gone wrong, cut up Mathias’s bra in a fit of rage!

Prosecutor Caroline Haughey told the court how Balira had offered Mathias 250,000 Tanzanian shillings a month (£96) to work for her. Haughey told the jury

She was required to get up at 5am in the morning and prepare both breakfast and lunch for Mrs Balira.. take the two eldest to school, look after the youngest, clean the house, take the youngest to nursery in the afternoon, wash the clothes by hand, collect the children, cook the evening meal for the children, and then separately for Balira… During this time Ms Mathias did not receive a penny for her work nor did she have a day off work save on Sunday mornings when she was permitted to attend church.

Her six month ordeal only ended when a friend of Mathias’ alerted police. Balira says she treated Ms Mathias fairly and denies trafficking, holding another in servitude and two counts of assault. The case continues.