Cheeky Chappies the Rizzle Kicks were left bemused after learning that their latest fan was none other than Stephen Fry…Yup as in that guy from QI Stephen Fry!

One half of the troublesome duo, Harley told Pop Dash how he and partner in crime Jordan reacted to the news.

That was like literally the best thing.  I was kinda like half asleep on the beanbag and Jordan was like ‘Oh shit I swear Stephen Fry’s just tweeted us’.  I was half asleep so I didn’t really think about it.  And he read it out and then it sunk in and I think we just got a little bit mad, jumping around all over the place…. “Like Stephen Fry is like God, he’s like one of the most respected men in the country and to tweet us saying I’m liking the old hip-hop sound – it was one of my favourite moments.

When asked whether they would get their biggest fan to make a cameo appearance in their next video the Down With The Trumpets stars said that they weren’t counting on it.

Can you really see Stephen Fry rocking the Snapback and High-Tops combo?