Lucien Laviscount is known for being the most flirtatious housemate on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother, but this week his flirting has gotten him into more trouble than he bargained for.

Lucien Laviscount and Tara Reid were enjoying a meal after winning the cook-off challenge, but Laviscount ruined everything when he came out with a chat up line so filthy, Reid thought that only a jug of water could wash away the dirt that had left his mouth.

After getting over the shock Reid told him

Don’t talk to me like that, f*** you! That was disgusting.

But it wasn’t long before the former Waterloo Road actor had gotten back into her good books as the pair were later seen giggling in the diary room about the argument.

Laviscount is running out of ladies to flirt with now, I think it’s about time we got him evicted so we can have a chance too!