Do the names Goodson and Charity Saiwala ring any bells? Maybe you know them as Jay-Z and Beyonce, as they liked to be compared. If you didn’t catch last Saturday’s X Factor you wouldn’t have seen The Duos, Britain’s answer to Hov and Bey, murder Beyonce’s If I Were A Boy on stage at the Liverpool Echo arena.

Despite  Kelly Rowland saying Beyonce would have appreciated their effort but would have ‘closed her ears at the same time‘ the couple are still in shock that the judges didn’t put them through to boot camp. Goodson told The Sun

“I was shocked because I thought we would go through. I was surprised there were all nos, that we didn’t make it. The practice was OK. We thought we were going to go out there and prove something. Then we saw the judges and everyone in the big crowd because it was full to capacity. It just made us really nervous when we were performing. We started shaking. It didn’t go how we wanted. We could have done better. When we sang for the producers before the show we did well.”

Erm, for some reason we beg to differ. Maybe they’ll become the next Internet sensation with their home made karaoke videos.

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