Everybody knows how crazy celebs can get with their demands, but our man of the moment Tinie Tempah likes to keep it simple.

We’ve heard about stars ordering their dressing rooms to be painted a certain colour, water having to be at a certain temperature or having all the yellow M & M’s thrown out of the sweetie bowl, but that’s not Tinie’s style.

A insider revealed to The Sun Newspaper that for his upcoming gig at Ultrasound Music Festival in Tamworth, Tinie’s list was anything but over the top as his only wishes were…

Yorkshire Tea
Two black socks (Size 8) you know what they say about big feet ladies
Pot Noodles
Jack Daniels
Natural Confectionery Jelly Snakes sweets
A copy of The Sun

Were not sure about the last one but it’s nice to see Tinie Tempah hasn’t turned into a diva. Yet