As if chart success and various music awards weren’t enough, Tinie Tempah has managed to bag himself an Aston Martin.

Tinie is already known to have a gift of the gab, not only with his music but also when it comes to the ladies and it seems that the Pass Out rapper also knows exactly what to say to the CEO type.

After meeting the owner of Aston Martin on a shoot for Cool Brands list of what’s trendy, the two hit it off. In fact they have become so close Tinie was given his own private Aston Martin worth 120k as well as a tour of the Aston Martin factory.

Even though Tinie may only have the car for a few months, it’s not everyday you can say ‘I’ll pick you up in my Aston Martin’. Maybe we should all become rappers and try our luck, who knows what goodies we might get.