Buildings on fire in Tottenham

A riot that started last night in Tottenham has shocked the city of London and sent waves of fear through the residents of areas that were attacked by violent rioters starting fires.

The unrest began after a protest over the fatal shooting by police of 29-year-old Mark Duggan on Thursday.

Around 300 people gathered outside the police station for a peaceful protest at around 5pm on Tottenham High Road after demonstrators demanded “justice” for the death. The police force said the situation turned violent when two patrol cars parked about 200 metres away on Forster Road and High Road were attacked. Eyewitnesses said things only got out of control because a 16-year-old girl who had approached the police standing line to say that the community needed answers was set upon by the police with batons.

Petrol bombs and fireworks were thrown at police and three patrol cars, a double decker bus, homes and shops were also set on fire. Shops in the area were looted and the media came under attack from youths throwing missiles. Local pubs were broken into, and there were also reports that youths had entered a McDonald’s and had started frying their own burgers and chips!
As well as the number of civilians who were injured, eight police officers were taken in hospital, at least one of them with head injuries.

Bus in Tottenham Burns

One person at the scene, said

It’s an absolute war zone. I walked up there.I saw about five youths, all faces covered up. They set a wheelie bin on fire and threw it into the riot police.

The riot began to spread inner estate which meant the media were not able to get their crews in, those that did were allegedly robbed and beaten up, some Mail on Sunday photographers were beaten and mugged by masked thugs which clearly made other reporters scared to go in.

The violence that engulfed Tottenham last night spread to the Wood Green area in North London and reportedly further spread to Northumberland Park and other north London areas. An onlooker who admitted she was embarrassed by the black community said

people are coming from all over London desperate not to miss the opportunity to loot, some of them might not even know the story of Mark Duggan they just want some free trainers

JD Sports, a T-Mobile shop and HMV were some of the stores that were targeted, with many people shocked to hear that looters were allegedly walking down he streets with Xbox consoles. Other citizens have said that the South London borough of Croydon is also under attack from members of the public.

Women and child walk amidst the debris

Eye witnesses confirm that numerous properties in Tottenham were burnt such as Aldi, Allied Carpets, the job centre and a number of residential properties.

One rioter, Jamal, told Channel 4 News

We’re here to tell the police they can’t abuse us, harass us. We won’t put up with it. This is just the beginning, this is war, and this is what you get – fire.

Check out the gallery below to see pictures of the riot