We were over the moon when we heard Tulisa would be getting new teeth, we love a celeb who’s not afraid to admit they had some cosmetic surgery.

Tulisa revealed her new teeth at the X Factor launch in London’s O2 Arena on Wednesday and we must say she looked amazing! The 23-year-old couldn’t stop smiling and we can imagine chavs will be lining up outside dentists hell bent on getting the ‘Tulisa Smile’.

It was recently reported that ITV bosses spent £70,000 on a makeover for the N-Dubz singer, in a bid to get her to ditch the trackies and bling and become more classy. Her father told the Sun that getting new teeth is all part of show business

She’s beautiful in my eyes because she’s my daughter, but it’s every girl’s dream to improve and to want to look even more beautiful. It’s the industry she is in, she needs to look her best. She doesn’t tell me she feels pressurised to look good since she joined The X Factor but she’s a girl, she’s young, of course she does.That’s the showbiz life she’s chosen and she wants to stay in it and do well.

What do you think of Tulisa’s new teeth? Is she finally transforming into the classy woman ITV are trying to make her? Or will she forever remain the queen of chavs?

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