Rumour has it that Tulisa is on her way to becoming the next Kim Kardashian as rumours of a sex tape featuring the N-Dubz singer surface. Well there’s no point in being famous if you don’t have a sex tape, right?

The N-Dubz star allegedly stars in this footage, which was filmed on a Blackberry, but the 23-year-old says it’s not her. The owner of the sex tape is demanding a whopping £500,000 for the vid, clearly trying to cash in on Tulisa’s X Factor fame.

A spokesperson for Tulisa said

This tape is 100 percent fake and is just someone trying to cash in on her X Factor role. She is horrified that someone would go to the extreme lengths of fabricating a video. It is absolutely not her. Tulisa has categorically never allowed anyone to film her having sex.

This doesn’t seem like something Tulisa would do, but if she did this year’s about to get a lot more interesting.

Would you watch Tulisa’s sex tape?