Some things are better left unsaid, a rule that X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos continues to break. In an interview with the Sunday Times the former bad girl opened up about when she lost her virginity, taking drugs and her promiscuity.

And just when we were about to judge her and say Cheryl Cole would never do that, we realised that the nation’s sweetheart had done the exact same thing last year! The list of their similarities continue to grow. Speaking honestly Tulisa said

When I was 12 I wanted to have fun

When I was 12 I wanted to play with Barbies and make Rice Krispies cakes but I was clearly a boring child. She then went on to talk about how long she waited before she had sex with a boy

I can’t say too long. I was about to turn 15. I was one of the lucky ones to keep my virginity for as long as I did.

The N-Dubz star also admitted that when she was nine she would wear a short skirt with her top button undone, saying she ‘got a lot more male attention’. Cheryl Cole revealed in a 2010 interview with Glamour Magazine that she lost her virginity at 15 and now it looks like it’s Tulia’s turn to expose herself by revealing her personal details. The 23-year-old also took drugs and regularly got into fights. Said Cheryl;

I smoked weed when I was a kid and got into fights. We did pinch a couple of handbags. I wasn’t part of a girl gang, though. We were just a group of troublesome chicks. Obviously, we were consuming so much weed and alcohol, we were going loopy anyway

Last night Tory MP Nadine Dorries criticised the organisers of X Factor, saying

Providing strong mentors who young, impressionable people can look up to should be what X Factor is and what it’s about. The choice of Tulisa, unfortunately falls way short of the mark.

Ouch! What do you think? Does Tulisa’s past make her a bad choice as an X Factor judge?