Ufuoma Itoje was evicted from Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model competition after she failed to impress judges with her nude photo shoot.

The judges didn’t have many kinds words for the law student with Grace Woodward calling her a ‘one trick pony’ who ‘lacked versatility’. Grace went on to say that she found Itoje awkward

I like the fact you’re smiling, but it’s slightly awkward. You’re a sexy girl but I don’ t think you’re a top model. You’re sweet, but verging on the saccharine


Despite supermodel judge Elle Macpherson saying Ufuoma’s photograph was ‘full of charm,  the panel unanimously decided she did not have what it takes to make it in the industry

But 20-year-old Ufuoma predicted her eviction saying she knew she would be in the bottom two due to an awful wig she was made to wear. They always blame it on the hair! Talking about her nude photo shoot she said

I was prepared for the nudity, but not for the wig. It kept moving around and I thought it might fall off. I just couldn’t look natural wearing it – I felt like whatever I did, I looked terrible. I looked like a man. I felt Elle looking at me and just thought, she agrees. After the shoot I said goodbye to everyone – I knew I’d done badly. As soon as I saw my photo I knew I was out, they couldn’t put me through with that picture.

Ufuoma was a last-minute addition to the house, taking the number of girls entering the house to 13, meaning there were more models than there were beds. On her time in the house the feisty model said

It was really tough in that house.I didn’t even have a bed – as Elle’s ‘lucky number 13’ I slept on the floor. It was like camping

Oh dear, maybe she’s better off out of there then.

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