Adam Deacon is known for playing movie roles set in council estates, and revealed on Twitter that he is still living in one. He tweeted saying how doing so has affected him.

The Pappzd crew love a bit of realness and humility and that’s what Deacon is all about. The 28-year-old even enjoyed the company of some estate kids.

Deacon has spent his whole life working and living in council estates, surely he should get a tower block named after him or something?

With his success (Anuvahood grossed £2,207,877 at the box office) many would expect him to be living in some fancy West End penthouse.

Deacon even mentioned where his female fans could find him in case they wanted to hound him for an autograph or just kidnap him and take him home to mummy.

What a lovely man. We all love ourselves a bit of Adam Deacon.