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Wretch 32 was attacked by one of his followers on Twitter because the user believed Wretch should have been using his profile to aid with the London riots.

Wretch 32 joined Chipmunk on a freestyle of Kanye West and Jay-Z’s ‘Watch The Throne’ track ‘Otis’ and posted links to the track on Twitter, but an annoyed fan believed Wretch, who is from Tottenham, where the riots stared should have been addressing the issues in his tweets instead of promoting his music.

The fan called @Young_Alpo88 tweeted at Wretch 32

@[email protected]& AllTheseOther U.K Artists That Never Came Through4Ur Area! U HoldSoMuch Power In Ur Hands But R Watless! You Man Could Of All Called Inn Sky, BBC, Instead Of Some F*cking Freestyle To Otis!

The tweeter tried to make his point stating that the looters may be fans of Wretch and if the Traktor rapper said something against the riots some of the young people looting may stop and listen.

But Wretch was not impressed and let his ex follower know how he felt using some very colouful language

No 1 f*cking chat shit to me bout do this or that. I’m f*cking doin my part do urs…Ima human not a f*cking god

@Young_Alpo88 finished by letting Wretch 32 know he had lost a fan, which probably didn’t bother Wretch in the slightest but the Tottenham born rapper’s tweets about the riots this morning meant he probably realised he should be saying something. Wretch tweeted

There [sic] parents can’t tell them what to do. We can only help guide them. And that’s wat we’re doing

Do you think Wretch 32 should have used his power to do more?