Grime Rapper Wretch 32 has vowed he wont be moving out of his home town, Tottenham, the area where the London riots started. Wretch 32, who happened to go to school with Mark Duggan, whose killing sparked off the riots, said

A lot of people see the negative in Tottenham but kids there see me as a positive.

The rapper gives credit to growing up in Tottenham as a reason he is able to write the songs on his album.

I really put my heart on the page. I’m about keeping it honest. It’s my life and upbringing, the good and the bad…not moving gives me the benefit of keeping my music real. It’s hard to imagine that nothing good is ever going to happen in Tottenham. I’m at No 1 and Chipmunk (a fellow rapper) got to No 2. The positives will outweigh the negative.

Its nice to see Wretch 32 sticking to his roots, maybe we should start a campaign to get Wretch 32 elected as MP for Tottenham.