Did you see Derry Menash wow judges with his rendition of Usher’s  Can You Help Me and of course steal a cheeky kiss from Miss Rowland on X factor ?

Well its been revealed that the self confirmed Kelly Rowland devotee was sent to serve 18 months in jail for robbing a teenager on a train near Clapham Junction in London.

His victim claimed that he was attacked at gunpoint when he was robbed but police didn’t find a weapon when they searched the 20-year-old aspiring singer’s house. Derry was released after serving half his sentence but revealed to The Sun that jail made him who he is.

Prison was actually the making of me. I met people on the verge of going down for murder and things like that. They heard me sing and talk about things I’ve done musically – and told me to make sure I pursue that as a career rather than come back to prison… Hearing that from people who are going to be there for the rest of their lives made me think I need to fix up. Because if I don’t I’ll probably end up just like them. I’m sorry for what I did and I want to make amends through my singing. X Factor is a way out for me – a second chance to change my life for the better.

Do you think that the  X Factor is the best way of moving forward for Derry?